Claus Beerta



A web-based RSS/ATOM aggregator

Because reading my private, mostly NSFW RSS Feeds makes me a happy puppy.

fka rssReader. see link for my first release.

Development and Releases are on Github

Check out the Demo Installation.


Bliss is a simple application which can be used to gather a set of RSS/RDF feeds, and compile them into one single Page ordered by Date.

I build it because i liked PlanetGnome alot, but didn’t like the Python Spycyroll.

Recently it got a slight update (as in complete rewrite) to something a bit more up-to-date.


  • I have feeds that i don’t want Google Reader to know about. (The NSFW, and authenticated kind)
  • tt-rss needs MySQL, i’d like to get rid of that dependency for my VPS
  • I don’t want a Desktop Reader.
  • And, as always: Because i can, that’s why!



  • Untar the archive into your webservers directory.
  • Open the config.ini in you favorite editor and follow the instructions in that file.
  • You need to set data_dir and cache_dir and, of course, your sources.
  • Then run php index.php --update from the commandline
  • After you’ve run the update you can open the page in your browser.


There is 3 ways to do add feeds to Bliss:

  • Add them to config.ini
  • Create an OPML File, and add that to config.ini
  • Add them via the Options Menu pulldown

Bliss uses SimplePie for feed retrieval. SimplePie has Feed autodetection, so you shouldn’t have to worry about adding the RSS Feed as URL. Usually just adding a Page that has a Feed is sufficient.


Released under the MIT License