Claus Beerta



Topical is a Simple PHP Application to Plan your day-to-day activity. It is not a long term Todo List Management Application, never will be.

This was primarily a Project to get acquainted with jQuery and how to build a web application that only uses Ajax requests to update the Content.

The app tries to handle Time Management as outlined in the Time Management for System Administrators Book.

Development and Releases are on Github

Quick Install #

% git clone
% cd Topical
% git submodule init
% git submodule update

Requirements #

  • PHP >= 5.3
  • PHP PDO SQLite
  • PHP Posix Extensions
  • PHP Socket Functions (For the Embedded Server)

Running the Embedded Server #

The easiest way to have a quick look at the Application is to use the included Webserver:

% php app.php

Then connect to http://localhost:3001/ and you should be good to go. (Do NOT put this thing on the Internet)

Installation on a Webserver #

Simply put the Application Directory in a Directory on your webserver, and point your browser to it.

Configuration #

There are a few Options you can tweak in the config.ini.

A good idea is to move the planner.db Database File outside the document root.

Keyboard Navigation #

  • a, n: Add Task
  • left, right: Navigate through Time
  • Pos1: Go back to Today