Claus Beerta

EvE Tool

eve-tool Eve Tool is a PHP Application that gives you information about your EvE Online Characters through the API CCP Provides. All Available in PHP Source, released under the GPL for you to host on your own Server.


  • Character Overview of Skills, Attributes
  • Transaction List of your latest Ingame Transactions
  • Wallet Journal with a Daily overview of your income.
  • Assets. Look into Containers, check what Ships you have where including fitting, Overview of your Blueprints and a view on your global Mineral Stock.
  • Check what industry jobs are currently running, have finished or when they will finish.
  • View all your Buy and Sell Orders.
  • Check which Agents are available to you, with Locations, and if you have the Standings to use them.
  • Extensive T1 Production helper. You choose the product, the Site tells you what you still need in minerals.

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