Claus Beerta

One of my first, and only Perl Projects, way back from 2001/2002. Found it in one of my Backup locations, and committed all versions i still had to my Subversion repository.

Desscription from one of the Pages that still references to it:

The is a Perl based script that allows you to create an index of image files in a directory and to display them on a HTML page. The script scans the directory for images and creates thumbnails automatically. In addition, there is an option to specify the number of images that you would like to display on a page and also you can resize the height and width of the images.

Usage: V0.9.2 - Generate Image Gallerys from current, or
specified directory.

(c) Claus Beerta


Where Options is one of: -h, –help Show this helptext -r, –recursive Generate gallerys recursivly -q, –quiet Disable output -i, –image FILE Image to use for directorys -m, –maximage NUM Maximum number of images on one page


- Added img tags option, slows down overall processing, but speeds up browsing (-s)
- Quiet Mode, good for crons
- 2001-05-14 Minor bugfixes, help updated
- 2001-06-09 Added a option to specify a directory image (-i)
- 2001-08-21 Added the verbose option, ok its stupid, since it somehow conflicts
             with the quiet option, but who cares ...
             Also fixed some minor stuff (comparing numbers with stringcompares .. stupid me)
- 2001-08-22 Cleanups, and fixed yet another bug(tm)
- 2001-09-06 Added an option that allows you to specify how many images are shown on one
             page, as suggested from Eric
- 2002-08-19 Removed the quiet mode, and added scaling of images to different sizes
- 2002-08-20 Also removed the setsize option

I haven't used it in a long time, so no idea if it still works. Released under the GPL License, so feel free have a go at the code :-) (And don't blame me if it eats your files)

SVN Download (v0.9.2)