Claus Beerta

Quest for silence

So, my Quest for silence in my “Office” is coming along nicely. My Server is now quietly running in the corner, my Linux Desktop got a new CPU Cooler, my Mac Mini is built by pro’s and completely silent. That leaves my Gaming Computer, but i tiink i can live with that one. (Yes, i do have to much Hardware)

Been reading a little on all the Ruby on Rails fuss that is going on at the moment. Looks nice, the installation on Debian was pretty easy. (Running lighttpd and Ruby on Rails and PHP via fastcgi. If anyone is interested in how to do it, drop me a line).

I’ll need some time to look into Ruby (After my tries in Python and C# i’m not too optimistic about that though, i’m too much of a PHP whore these days). Also been looking for something similar in PHP, but that wasn’t successfull so far.

Update: Found 3 PHP on Rails Projects so far that i should look into as an alternative to learning Ruby