Claus Beerta

Fonts Rant (Linux vs OS X)

Ever since i connected a 19" TFT (Instead of my 19" CRT) screen to my Mac Mini i find the fonts to look ugly. Look at this Screenshot:

Linux vs OS X

On the Left side is my Linux Desktop with Font settings to TFT Optimized. The Antialiasing is hardly noticed, and looks very sharp, on the right side is the same page on my Mini, also set to “Optimized for TFT” and the Antialiasing just jumps into your face. I’m tempted to connect the CRT to the Mini again, because it looks naturally better with Antialiasing on a CRT than on a TFT.

It May also be that i’m just too dumb (I live Linux, and only got the mini last year). Anyone with a hint on how to make the fonts look “good” on OS X ?

(If you told me 2 Years ago, that one day i would say that fonts on the Linux Desktop look better than on a Mac, i would’ve probably burst into a laugh. Glad to see there has been some major improvements over the time!)