Claus Beerta

rssReader is now Bliss

What? #

Time to revive an ancient project: rssReader

It’s been a while since i last worked on my own little Feed Reader project (7 Years).

Why? #

I’ve recently started using Google Reader as i got myself a fancy Android Phone with a data flat rate, and i didn’t get TT-RSS running properly on it (probably totally my fault).

The only thing i didn’t want on Google Reader were all my authenticated and NSFW feeds, i needed something different for those.

I remembered that i had this little project way back when, and decided to have a look at it. Unfortunetly it has grown quite old. Still based on PHP4, not very web2.0’ish, and generally not really pretty to look at.

So i just rebuilt the thing from Scratch.

The only thing it has in common with the old version is that it uses Smarty as Template engine. I commited the old thing, if you want to have a good laugh.

Where? #

First: May I suggest you try TT-RSS. Or if you don’t care much about privacy: Google Reader is quite awesome. It’s even more Awesome with this extension installed.

If you still want to have a look, you can get it on Github. Installation should be very straight forward.

The only advantage it has over TT-RSS, is that it doesn’t need a database whatsoever (It’s also somewhat easier to configure, but with the difference in features that’s not much of a surprise)

It has plenty of disadvantages though.