Draft::PHP Snippets


Here you’ll find assorted PHP Scripts that i thought might be usefull to other people aswell.

Wordpress Plugin: DeviantART RSS

Pull a RSS Feed from DeviantART and display small Thumbnails from it.

SVN Download

Wordpress Plugin: Amg Code Highlighter

Syntax highlighter for source code using GeSHi. Based on CodeColorer and Code Highlighter Plugins.

Expects GeSHi to be installed in “/usr/share/php-geshi/geshi.php” (That’s where Debian put’s php-geshi)


  • Pull a file from Subversion (requires SVN repo to be local, and readable):
    <pre lang= “php”svn=“/var/www/svn/php/sync-from-goons.php”></pre>
  • Pull a File from Disk:
    <pre lang= “php”file=“/var/www/php/sync-from-goons.php”></pre>
  • Just some Code:
    <prelang=“php”>print “hello world”;</pre>
Download: amgcodecolorer.php CSS File: codecolorer.css

Wordpress Plugin: Table of Contents

Sidebar widget that displays Post Titles of the Currenct Query.

SVN Download

EvE: Sync from Goons

Little script that works for EveDEV Killboards, that lets you pull Killmails from Goon Killboard and import them.

SVN Download

NCSA Stats

Script that parses STDIN for NCSA Formatted logfiles (Apache), and outputs some info about it.

SVN Download


Auto Download NZB files from a RSS Feed.

SVN Download

Example ‘leechme.txt’: