Christmas Holidays
Dec 28, 2005
1 minute read

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas!

Me and my Brother visited my Parents. Was a bit to short, because of the weather predictions. We drive about 500 KM form Frankfurt to where my parents live, and i didn’t want to take the risk of driving in snow, with the rental car (We always rent a car from Avis, this time i got a Mercedes C Class again. Nice ride).

I had to rebuild the server my parents have at their place with leftover parts from my place. Now they got my old Dual PIII with about 300GB of disk space, which will be full in a couple of days…

At the moment i got “Lateshift” at work (from 14:00 till 22:30), with my collegues leaving at around 16:00. Boring. New Years Eve will be at home in Frankfurt, because i’m doing the phone duty, no party for me. Yey!